Fine Art Landscape Photography and Prints

Chris was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1961. Over the years he has lived and worked in a number of locations in the UK, and currently resides in North Yorkshire.

Until recently Chris pursued a career in IT, escaping whenever possible to the hills of the UK and the world's greater mountain ranges.

Chris's photography reflects his passion for the outdoors, wild places and mountains in particular. This site showcases his work; some of the open edition prints have been published elsewhere. His images have appeared in national newspapers, magazines and books around the world.

When he first became interested in photography, digital equipment was unheard of; even autofocus SLR cameras were just starting to appear. His first serious camera was a Pentax ME-Super, followed by a succession of Nikon SLRs. The images on this site have been taken with either a Digital SLR or an Ebony 45s 5x4 field camera.